About FeelThePain.co.uk

Monday, 05 November 2012

FeelThePain.co.uk is an economics blog of sorts.

I plan to post links to interesting economic articles in the popular press, and publish rebuttals to common myths and claims.

All to often, on Twitter and in conversation, often with my own family, I encounter the same old myths and misinformation. I too, once believed many of these things myself, but further research has shown that all too often these claims are based on lies and repeated in ignorance until people assume they must be true.

I quickly got bored having the same argument over and over again. Arguing over politics can be abrasive, and at the end of the day, unless you can show credible sources, your arguments are just opinion. So I've decided to put my arguments to the test. Write them down, link to sources, and next time I find myself wanting to lift someone's blinkers, I can link to them.

Of course I might be wrong, and writing these things down provides a place for responses to be posted which I can then investigate and, if necessary update my understanding.

Unlike most of my ventures, this is not intended to be commercial venture.